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Heya! I am a DJ from Hungary who's mostly mixing deep house, progressive house, tribal house, afro house, oriental house and minimal techno separatelly and all together. You can also catch a wide variety of techno and house subgenres in my sessions like as latin house, detroit house and many more.


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Tribal Tribute
Did you ever visited any tribe yet? This mix bring you to Africa and Latin America with hot mediterran vibes.
Just joined to Wave Crew Music
Wave Crew Music is a collective group of professional DJ's, producers, musicians & entertainers.
Scary Alien
Join me in the search of extra terrestial life forms. A short dark mix with deep house, tech house and minimal techno tracks.

Latest tracks

Alvaro Wade - Somos Musicos (Toni Vilchez Remix)
Maxim Kurtys - The Subject
L.E.D. - Origami (Indo Tribe Remix)
Roy De Ville - Africanism
Danilo Secli - Makonda (Tello Dj Remix)
Daft Punk - Around The World

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