About Me

My story in short


In the very end of 2018 I decided to invest in music instruments because it was my childhood dream. Since then I mix music everyday to develop my skills and to entertrain people and help them in recreation.


I mostly mix deep house, progressive house, tribal house, afro house, oriental house and minimal techno in my mixes. You can also catch a wide variety of techno and house subgenres in my sessions like as latin housedetroit house and many more.


In August of 2019 Wave Crew Music invited me to be a part of the brand. I happily joined to them as a DJ :)


Streaming is my hobby what you can watch live on Twitch.


You can call me Ori or just „Hey Dude” :)


Where the name Ori came from?

The word „Ori” has a positive meaning in most of the oriental languages like as hebrew, hindi, tamil, japanese. The music and mixing gives me positive energies. That's why I choosen the name Ori.


Where are you from?

Milky Way > Orion Arm > the Solar System > Planet Earth > Europe > Hungary > Budapest


How old are you?

Time flies so fast. Born in 70's, raised in 80-90's and currently live in 10's. So, I am today years old...


Who's inspiring you?

Carl Cox, Deadmau5, Solomun, Tiësto, Hardwell, Frankie Knuckles, Fatboy Slim, Martin Solveig, Eric Prydz and many more great artists...

...and Elon Musk :)

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